An Agile Approach to Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical Equipment Repair that Drives Deep Savings

Reduce Service Cost

Optimize Clinical Engineering service with flexible and scalable solutions

Improve Equipment Availability

Streamline management and repairs for all equipment types

Mitigate Regulatory Risks

Take control of device recalls, regulatory/safety reporting and end-of-life recommendations

Our Services

We specialize in comprehensive management of medical equipment within hospitals, encompassing procurement, maintenance, calibration, user training, and technology integration. Our expertise ensures seamless operations, regulatory compliance, and enhanced patient care throughout the equipment lifecycle.


Sale Of Medical Equipment

We provide a wide selection of high-quality medical equipment for purchase, ensuring healthcare facilities have access to essential tools for patient care.


User Training and Handling

We offer comprehensive training programs to healthcare staff, equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively and safely operate the medical equipment.


Repair Works and Servicing

We provide efficient repair services and routine servicing to address equipment malfunctions and extend the lifespan of medical devices.



Our expert team ensures seamless setup and configuration of medical equipment, integrating it into existing systems for optimal functionality.


Corrective and Inspective Maintenance

Our dedicated maintenance team performs regular inspections and promptly addresses any issues, ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of medical equipment.


Equipment Administration and Management

We offer comprehensive administration and management solutions for medical equipment, including inventory tracking, documentation, and compliance management.

Reduce Clinical Engineering Costs and Improve Equipment Uptime

We offer a broad range of clinical engineering services — from on-demand technical support to full outsource engagements — to support inspections, preventive maintenance and the repair of biomedical and diagnostic imaging equipment. Our customers reduce backlogs and optimize uptime, while simultaneously gaining control of rising service costs, inflated inventories and increasing regulatory requirements.